Breakthrough Materials Technology for Advanced Composites

Auxetic Performance Ltd (APL) strives to make a difference to the world by providing the breakthrough carbon fibre materials technology which will help to create the next generation of high performance energy efficient products.

We supply production advice and through our industrial partners we can supply tooling, optimised raw materials and components.

APL Technology is secured by a portfolio of patents which we use to protect markets for our industrial clients. With APL technology your production is protected by our patents.

APL offer 3 core technologies.

Production Technology (RACM ™)

With the help of BMW, APL have created a unique high speed press cycle which is referred to as Rapid Advanced Composites Manufacture (RACM™). The cycle exploits the Arrhenius Law and inherent backpressure in the laminate to enable carbon fibre composites to be processed in high volumes and at short cycle times (less than 1 minute button to button). RACM™ Technology lends itself to high levels of automation.

RACM™ is most suitable for production of consumer and automotive products. We work with our industrial partners to provide optimised materials and special to type tooling.


Polymer Technology (Auxipol ™)

Working with our academic and industrial partners APL are developing unique polymers to optimise the performance of the RACM ™ process and others which increase the fracture toughness and compression modulus of carbon fibre composites. These improvements will be traded off by designers to create significantly lighter, stiffer and more damage tolerant composites.

With our chosen industrial partner APL will bring exciting new matrix polymers to market for the automotive and aerospace industry.


Personal Security Technology (Auxilam™)

APL use a mixture of materials having different properties in an auxetic format to create customised laminates which can be used in armour and crash protection applications. Key to this technology is ceramic or thermoplastic cores reinforced with auxetic carbon fibre laminates to create low cost moulded components which have the ability to resist multiple threats such as impact and even bullet hits.

On a project by project basis we work with producers to create new and innovative security products.